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Tech Lending Program


The goal of the Tech Lending Program is to provide equal access to technology and internet by circulating a selection of devices such as calculators, laptops, mobile hotspots, etc., to currently enrolled Clinton College students. We want to ensure that students have the technology needed to complete coursework, conduct research, and explore their creativity and personal interests outside the classroom.

Reserve Equipment

Calculator Loan Policy

Borrowers agree to the following policy at the time of request and booking:

  • You must present a valid Clinton College ID card and your library account must be in good standing
  • One per library patron 
  • May be checked out for daily bookings with a booking limit of 7 days.
  • Can be booked online up to 30 days in advance.
  • Library staff will inspect the device in the presence of the patron to ensure that it is in working order.
  • Must be returned at the Services Desk to a library staff. 
  • Users are responsible for damages to and/or loss or theft of loaned units.
  • Late fees are $1 per hour, or portion thereof, that equipment is returned late.
  • If overdue fines have accrued on the library patron's account, the overdue fines must be paid before anymore technology loan checkouts. Fines may result in borrowing and registration restrictions.
  • If a calculator is 72 hours overdue, it will be considered lost. The borrower will be charged for replacement cost and a block will be placed on their account. This fee will be added to you student account in Campus Cafe to aid in recovery or replacement.
  • If not returned or is returned with missing pieces or in damaged condition, you will be billed $120 as a replacement fee for a graphing calculator. 
  • Users are required to report any problems experienced with the equipment during their borrowing period.
  • The Library cannot guarantee that an equipment will be available. 

What's included with the TI-84 Plus Graphing Calculator:

  • Sliding case 
  • 4 AAA Batteries 
  • 60-inch USB Cable (available upon request)

Appeal a Library Fine

Library patrons are expected to return or renew items by their due dates/time. Due dates/time are set at the time of checkout, renewal, or recall. The library sends courtesy reminders by email but does not recommend relying solely on email reminders to keep track of when items are due.

If you have questions or concerns about a library charge on your account please contact the library directly before submitting a fine appeal. If an item you have already returned is still listed as checked out on your account more than 24 hours after you returned it, please contact the library immediately to request a search, instead of submitting a fine appeal. 

Library borrowers may appeal library fines or replacement costs through the online appeal formThe form gives borrowers space to explain why they believe the charge(s) are mistakenly assessed or provide information on extenuating circumstances that warrants reduction or cancellation of the charge(s).

Please note that appeals for the following reasons will not be considered: 

  • Disagreement with library policy
  • Failure to check your e-mail
  • Being out of town or off campus on the due date/time
  • Forgetting the due date

Fines, fees and replacement costs must be appealed within 60 days of their assessed dates. Appeals are reviewed by the library staff.  If the appeal is denied, the patron may submit a second and final appeal directly to the Director of Digital Library and Learning Commons. The decision of the Director is final and may not be further appealed.

Need Assistance?

If you have physical limitations or difficulties submitting the appeal form, please contact the library for assistance. Questions about the process may also be directed there.

Contact the Library:

Service / Reference/ Circulation Desk


Questions About the Process

How and when will I find out about the decision?
You will receive an email from the Library Account to your Clinton College email address you provided in the appeal. A decision will generally be made within 30 days after the appeal was submitted.

Will my suspended borrowing privileges be restored?
Borrowing privileges will be restored for current account holders after your appeal has been adjudicated.